Poker: RTA Solutions

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about bots and Real-Time Assistants in poker, and was reminded yesterday that I had more to say about how to prevent Game Theory Optimal solutions in general. Product Solutions You may know that I think product solutions are under-used for poker’s problems, and that applies here too. … Continue reading Poker: RTA Solutions

1st Oct Update

Updated bot detection – it works, though any improvements from here really need raw hand history data, ideally with all holecards. Obviously that’s hard to come by. Also, Chrome thinks ‘holocards’ is a word and ‘holecards’ is not. Updated league highlights – also works, also has data problems. I believe I have a way to … Continue reading 1st Oct Update

Poker: Bot & RTA Detection

It’ll surprise no-one to hear that most poker sites don’t try very hard to catch bots or Real-Time-Assistants, and it’s been that way for a long time. Traditionally, a bot is entirely automated. It not only takes decisions by itself, but it inputs them to the site too. A decision aid like an RTA tells … Continue reading Poker: Bot & RTA Detection

Poker: Rake and Bumhunting

I agree with the general point. If a site is upset about bumhunting, they should acknowledge that it’s their fault it’s happening. For anyone not poker – bumhunting is when good players only play against bad ones, rather than each other. Because poker sites rake each hand that reaches the flop, if you’re playing against … Continue reading Poker: Rake and Bumhunting

1st August Update

Ideally, I’ll update the site every week with what I’ve been working on (if I’ve had any time), and any new ideas. This week, I’ve updated: Bot Detection with some related work Liquidity Analysis with work I’ve done on players required for minimum liquidity Founding a Poker Site, a new page on a topic I’ve … Continue reading 1st August Update

Stuff I Like To Work On

I’ve spent my career in online gambling, mostly in poker. Lately I’ve worked on bingo and casino too, and done some consulting in esports. My early career was in esports. My main aim is to be interested in what I do, so I have wide ranging experience: Fraud detection Analysis Product management Bot detection Churn … Continue reading Stuff I Like To Work On

ANW Consulting

Hello world. I’m Andrew West, and I’m a poker and esports gambling consultant. I’ve worked in the poker industry for eighteen years, including three as a professional player; three as Head of Poker at Unibet, and three as Head of Data at Relax Gaming. Before that, I made a living in the very early esports … Continue reading ANW Consulting

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