Poker: RTA Solutions

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about bots and Real-Time Assistants in poker, and was reminded yesterday that I had more to say about how to prevent Game Theory Optimal solutions in general. Product Solutions You may know that I think product solutions are under-used for poker's problems, and that applies here … Continue reading Poker: RTA Solutions

Poker: Rake and Bumhunting I agree with the general point. If a site is upset about bumhunting, they should acknowledge that it's their fault it's happening. For anyone not poker - bumhunting is when good players only play against bad ones, rather than each other. Because poker sites rake each hand that reaches the flop, if you're playing … Continue reading Poker: Rake and Bumhunting

Stuff I Like To Work On

I've spent my career in online gambling, mostly in poker. Lately I've worked on bingo and casino too, and done some consulting in esports. My early career was in esports. My main aim is to be interested in what I do, so I have wide ranging experience: Fraud detectionAnalysisProduct management Bot detectionChurn modellingCollusion detectionCommunity managementCRMData … Continue reading Stuff I Like To Work On