Work I’ve done for poker sites that you (hopefully a poker site/network/similar) may find useful:

Bot Verification

I have designed and built successful poker fraud detection systems. With your hand history metadata, I can verify your bot detection systems by searching for bots with my own algorithms. With actual hand histories (no holecards needed) or further information that we can discuss privately, I can do more advanced analysis.

Cash Game Liquidity

With similar hand history metadata, I can calculate and provide metrics for understanding and measuring liquidity across any of your games, but particularly cash games. I can give you retention and acquisition methods for improving those metrics, particularly in low liquidity games. I can use this to help make sense of measuring LTV via rake vs. net deposits.

Churn Model

Poker is a game of network effects, so modelling works differently than it does for casino or sports. With daily player-level rake information, I can show the effect of retention or reactivation campaigns, show the benefits of retention gains, and predict future revenue via probability distribution over the next year.


I was Head of Poker at Unibet for the first two versions of their new poker software. I have suggestions for improvements to that model, particularly for lower liquidity sites and games. I can provide predictions for the effectiveness of building software features such as the ones Unibet have. I can also provide help with poker network migrations, having worked on several from the operator-side.

Other stuff I like working on.