League Highlights

Oct 1st: It works, but the data problems persist. I have a way to get around that now, I think, after learning more Python. I might come back to this once lineup predictions are done.

Aug 14th: This basically works, but there are data source problems I expect to improve with (I hope) today’s LEC matches. I guess I’ll find out later today. If not, I’d have to wait till Worlds, which would rather defeat the purpose.

Jul 20th: I’ll be a bit more secretive about this than most other projects, because I’m doing something moderately clever to automatically tell me when something exciting happened in a League of Legends game.

The idea is to then go to Twitch, automatically find that part of the game, cut out a clip somehow, and automatically post it to Twitter. Having close to real-time highlights should be quite valuable for esport gambling companies, and perhaps non-gambling too. If all else fails, some kind of affiliate setup ought to work.

This is the project I should spend the most time on for the rest of July.