Poker: RTA Solutions

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about bots and Real-Time Assistants in poker, and was reminded yesterday that I had more to say about how to prevent Game Theory Optimal solutions in general. Product Solutions You may know that I think product solutions are under-used for poker’s problems, and that applies here too. … Continue reading Poker: RTA Solutions

1st Oct Update

Updated bot detection – it works, though any improvements from here really need raw hand history data, ideally with all holecards. Obviously that’s hard to come by. Also, Chrome thinks ‘holocards’ is a word and ‘holecards’ is not. Updated league highlights – also works, also has data problems. I believe I have a way to … Continue reading 1st Oct Update

Poker: Bot & RTA Detection

It’ll surprise no-one to hear that most poker sites don’t try very hard to catch bots or Real-Time-Assistants, and it’s been that way for a long time. Traditionally, a bot is entirely automated. It not only takes decisions by itself, but it inputs them to the site too. A decision aid like an RTA tells … Continue reading Poker: Bot & RTA Detection