1st Oct Update

Updated bot detection – it works, though any improvements from here really need raw hand history data, ideally with all holecards. Obviously that’s hard to come by. Also, Chrome thinks ‘holocards’ is a word and ‘holecards’ is not.

Updated league highlights – also works, also has data problems. I believe I have a way to get around that though, so I’ll take a look at that once the following is done.

Updated predicted lineups – ALSO works, but only for one site right now. Obviously it’s not very useful when you’re comparing one site to itself, but adding a new site ought to only take a day or less, so may come on quickly if I get the time.

I also posted about bots, and early in Sep, about rake and bumhunting. I guess the problem here is that it’s only worth posting something when poker twitter is talking about it – or at least, the part of poker twitter I’m following. Which player is doing what, or who won what tournament isn’t very interesting to me.

I have no idea what I should be going for here, but lines moving upwards are a good thing, yes?

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